Bike. Reinvented.



Thanks to patented Direct Drive CVT; 4-stroke Honda GX25 engine can be used at low revs which minimizes fuel consumption.

DR1L is capable of 1 liter/100 km fuel economy, achieves 45 km/h straight-line speed and can climb %12 inclines unassisted.

Transmission can alter drive spindle diameter without any delay. Full potential of the engine can be utilised in all conditions resulting in fast accelaration, excellent climbing capability and high top speed.


You need to complete with Honda GX25 engine and BTWIN Rockrider 340 bike(26" or larger bike that has Aluminum frame and V-brake).

DR1L has a unique design which minimally effects weight, size and look of the bike.


Engine can be disengaged from the tire at any moment and pedal as a regular bike. Experience like true hybrid vehicle.


Q: Transmission? A: 18 speed Continuously Variable Direct Drive.
Q: Shifters? A: One for throttle another one for transmission.
Q: Weight? A: Adds just 5kg to bike(engine included).
Q: Tire? A: 28-30mm wide slick road tire.
Q: Service? A: DDCVT is maintenance free.
Q: Manuals? A: Installation Manual and User Guide.
Q: Wet? A: Works with all weather or road conditions.